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Men's Director
Rev. Tim Shiverdeck

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The Men’s Ministry of the Pentecostal Church of God, is purposed to connect with men through:

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Discipleship Training

  • Ministry Development

  • Personal Discipline

  • Life Application

It has been said that each year over 50,000 men in America desert their families, changing life style and identity.  A large percentage of these men are lost to their families forever.  The most common reason given for this is the feeling that they are not loved for who they are but for what they can give in materialistic items for those around them-feeling that if the family could find another way to exist, they would just as soon do without them.  Our society serves to intensify this isolation by its displacement of the importance of the male role as head of the household.

This feeling is further promoted by an every increasing materialistic society dedicated to the downward spiral of family apparent plague of divorce.  In general tones, we see a demise of recognizable male roles in our society that only they can fill.  A multitude of men are adrift in a sea of seemingly hopeless meaning.

​It is further stated that many of these men are church people, preachers, deacons, Sunday school teachers, etc.-a circle of men that outward appearances would cause an assumption of total serenity and peacefulness.  Such thought, however, fails to acknowledge that the church is responsible for the physical as well as the spiritual needs of men.  To neglect either is to fail in the duty of ministry to men.  Our attention should be drawn to these facts, however, and out of that a sense of expediency to become secularly, as well as spiritually, involved.

Men’s Ministry is about that very challenge-to do something about the emotions and endless circumstances bringing pressure beyond reason and driving men to do things they thought they would never do.

Surveys indicate that this generation will be recorded as the most lonely, disassociated, uncommitted generation in all of American history.  The Church is responsible to respond.  For this loneliness, the feeling of “no connection’-having no reason except to meet monetary needs of people around them-can only be broken by the direct establishment of a fellowship bond that ties men to one another and to the Church and its many ministries with purpose and understanding.  Indeed, Men’s Ministry is designed to reach men outside of the church through this “bond-making,” creating a bridge from the outside into the very heart of the church.  In fact, Men’s Ministry is about creating an atmosphere of fulfillment.  This program then is about more than filling time.  It is about lives, the very soul of the men in every local congregation and community.  In retrospect, Men’s Ministry affects the lives of every family that they represent.






KMF Purpose Statement


  1. To present Christ as the center focal point for every man’s life, both spiritual and earthly.

  2. Create a bonding relationship between men in the church and its community, as well as a bond for the men to the church. 

  3. To help men find their respective places in the body of Christ. 

  4. To reach other men for Christ. 

  5. Provide practical teaching that is a daily tool for living. 

  6. Open up ministries for involvement in today’s church world. 

  7. Create an environment of usefulness and self-worth.

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