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12 & under - Sundays @ 10:30  and  Wednesday @ 6:30pm


We believe our children are not the church of tomorrow.... They are the church of TODAY, and we treat them as such. During our services: learning the Word of God is priority, cultivating their talents, and encouraging them to worship, pray and seek God. 

We are about influencing children to be leaders in their communities, their schools, their churches, their homes, and IN THEIR WORLD.

We are about living out words like hope, love, faith, courage, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and heart and soul.

We are about encouraging students to climb to their mountain tops, to feed and clothe the poor and hungry, walk down narrow paths, believe the impossible, fish for men and introduce them to the one true God, His son, and the Holy Spirit.

This is who we are. 

This is what we love.

We are Impact PCG Student Ministries.


Children's Director

Valentine Shiverdeck

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